This is a challenging but rewarding role for someone who is passionate about making an impact for senior leadership and on key issues facing the world today, including, but not limited to, DE&I.

Application deadline



London, UK

Start date



£60,000 - £80,000, dependent on experience

We are looking for an Associate who enjoys independently developing well-articulated solutions – from ideation through development – and then collaborating with colleagues to debate and interrogate different scenarios.

Ideally you have experience presenting to senior stakeholders: it’s important that you can advocate effectively for your work with both confidence and humility, and that you can take constructive feedback and use that to drive solutions that not only retain the strength of your initial vision but also address key stakeholder concerns.

We work on tough and complex challenges, always with the brief of solving it in a way that optimises client ROI. The challenges we solve are often ones that clients’ prior partners have not fully addressed, or which involve sustainable, not short-term, change. This demands an internal team that is capable of discussing, analysing, and collaborating on the subject of thorny, controversial, or emotive topics. As such, the role requires someone who understands the connection between personal and professional development, and who relishes the opportunity to be an active part of a team who are highly invested in building mutually trusting and respectful relationships with one another.  

The Associate role requires someone who enjoys giving their all, working with a team who are equally invested, and who is deeply passionate about how they can bring their best to solve urgent, important challenges that senior leaders need to overcome to unlock meaningful value for their organisation, mission, and stakeholders. In that sense, this role requires someone who can see the bigger picture, who has a sense of proportion and a nuanced understanding of how their words and actions impact others; someone who sees the world in layers, not boxes; someone who knows that, in challenging times, adaptability, tenacity, and teamwork is invaluable.

It requires someone who cares more about doing the right thing than fitting in with others, someone who stands up in the moments that matter to fight the good fight, someone who understands that sometimes silence is the most powerful action.

We pride ourselves on working with a high level of adaptability and agility. This role is for someone who knows the value of clear, proactive communication in driving hard priorities, and who can cut through the noise given a fast-paced environment with competing demands. The applicant will appreciate the role of iteration and design-thinking in developing behaviour-change solutions and meeting evolving client briefs. The role will not suit applicants who prefer linear problem-solving, or working in structured or predictable environments.

Our team is proactively dedicated to the long-term prosperity of our company, its mission, and its team. We value working with individuals with a high level of professional maturity and who are excited to work with a team as dedicated as they are to delivering exceptional results. We are detail- and execution-obsessed, and this role will be a good fit for someone who also cares about this.

This role is perfect for someone who has 5+ years’ professional experience in industry or at a consultancy, and who wants to discover how much impact they can drive when they work in a team of forward-thinking, commercially minded, and highly mission-driven people.


  • Support consultants with client projects. Includes fielding ad hoc client requests
  • Convert ambiguous problems into structured, strategic solutions
  • Conduct and review research to support recommendations and solution implementation. Synthesise information into clear key takeaways
  • Apply expertise in leadership development and/or DE&I to support recommendations and solution implementation for our clients
  • Prepare reports, presentations, and infographics for internal and external use
  • Anticipate client needs and prepare resources as needed
  • Establish trust-based relationships with internal and external stakeholders to better meet the client need
  • Spot opportunities to drive internal efficiencies and make actionable recommendations
  • Conduct and review research to support recommendations and solution implementation. Synthesise information into clear key takeaways
  • Identify and visualise key insights for client projects
  • Manage, develop, and supervise more junior team members, as required


  • Demonstrated capabilities in persuasive and engaging communication. Includes the ability to advocate effectively for their work with both confidence and humility. Includes the ability to take constructive feedback and use that to drive solutions that retain the strength of their initial vision and address key stakeholder concerns
  • Driven with a strong work ethic. Committed to taking on a tough challenge that requires perseverance. Career is a high priority for you
  • Able to manage multiple priorities in a fast-moving environment
  • Adapts quickly to change
  • Sense of urgency in delivering work on time and to a high standard
  • Strong critical reasoning skills, and excellent command of written communication
  • Approaches problems with a sense of nuance. Motivated to gain an accurate understanding of conflicting and challenging perspectives
  • Can work well under pressure, delivering with strong attention to detail
  • Resourceful and a colleague that other team members can count on
  • Can stay positive, productive, and focused in periods of uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Strong interest in understanding people, their motivations, and their behaviours
  • Enterprising, anticipates needs and takes ownership to deliver against them
  • Clear sense of proportion, appreciates the bigger picture: both in terms of broader ecosystems and allowing for known unknowns and unknown unknowns
  • Commitment to continual development of business knowledge and commercial acumen
  • Takes pride in delivering high quality work
  • Excited to be part of a core team


  • Minimum 5 years’ work experience
  • Experience working with senior stakeholders
  • Experience in the areas of leadership development and/or DE&I
  • Managerial experience preferred
  • Experience collecting and analysing qualitative and quantitative data