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Organic culture change solution

Cass Business School is a business school in London, ranked 19th in Europe by the Financial Times (2019). They have an alumni community spanning 160 countries, and 50-year reputation for excellence in business research and education.

the challenge

The client aimed to introduce an organic and lean way to enhance its culture. To do this it wanted to host regular groups called “Listening Spaces”. The groups required select staff to be trained in coaching and facilitation skills, plus the ability to manage "difficult conversations".


We would not have been able to realise the aims of the listening spaces without Suesal and her wonderful colleagues, and we are grateful they were willing to work with us to shape the initiative and provide their expertise to our organizasion.


DC, Senior Lecturer in Management at Cass Business School

the solution

We identified the key capabilities staff needed to support the desired culture change process. We provided group trainings in core coaching and facilitation capabilities. Participants were equipped with skills and strategies to create psychological safety, manage difficult conversations, and drive positive change. Elected staff members received one-to-one supervision and coaching to further develop their leadership within the Listening Spaces.

the future

The first group of Listening Space leaders have successfully completed their training. They will now lead their respective groups to organically enhance the internal culture. In autumn 2020, we expect to train a new wave of leaders for the Listening Spaces.

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