Choose the Right Career Path

Explore your true career aspirations

Where do your greatest chances for success lie?

Make career choices you don't later regret


The Pings and Pangs of Self-Employment

How expectations match up to the real-world outcomes.

Hunting for The Golden Slipper

Learnings about career choice from the Grimm Brothers' Cinderella.

Dodging Conventional

Bitesize antidotes to career choices you regret.

Useful Resources

How will you measure your life

Finding fulfilment using lessons from some of the world's greatest businesses

Black hole focus

How intelligent people can create a powerful focus for their lives

berkeley career fields index

A rich resource to investigate career paths and industries

do what you are

Use MBTI personality type to filter your career options

What We Offer


I dentify is a short and structured one-to-one programme. Designed specifically for busy clients who want to work out their ideal career path. Our focus is finding options where you will perform at your best and find the greatest meaning. Together, we gather the evidence you need to make a decision, and build a plan to launch you in your chosen vocation.

Is It For You?

Identify is the right programme for you when:

  • You don't know if you're on the right career track
  • You're unhappy or frustrated in your current job, and want to move to something more exciting
  • You're evaluating different career options, and need to work out what's best for you
  • You have no idea what career path to follow, and need some expert advice on where your strengths lie






real-world mapping


plan development



Examination of professional history and equity.

Exploration of interests, motivations, and values.

Understand your professional strengths and transferrable skills.

Know your preferred working style and environments.

Derivation of the primary factors influencing your ideal career choice.

Consideration of near- and long-term career goals.

Understand your must-haves versus ideal-to-haves.

See how your choices now fit into your longer-term career development.

Presentation and discussion of specific professional opportunities.

Identification of the evidence required to make a good decision.

Understand the day-to-day outlook for your career choices.

Learn what the transition would take, esp. time and money.

Articulation and discussion of your ideal career choices.

Build a plan from your current situation to your preferred outcomes.

Understand what milestones you need to achieve.

Gain strategies to overcome potential obstacles.

Start implementation of your plan.

Refine and recalibrate the action sets around each milestone .

Receive your career choice and strategy report.

Get follow-up support to help with questions or challenges that arise.

Key Features

  • Expert coach and career strategist guidance
  • 6 meetings, in-person or remote
  • 2 psychometric tests, Lumina Spark and NEO-PI-3
  • Career choice and strategy report
  • Follow-up support
  • Online client platform

Pricing and Times

1,624 GBP / 2,100 USD

Remote or in-person

Identify takes 6 weeks to complete. If you are on a career break, you can complete the programme within 2 weeks.

E xplore Your Perfect Career is a 2-day workshop considering what your ideal career looks like. Perfect for the intellectually curious, and those who want practical techniques to get more fulfilment in their career. Join a small group of professionals to explore leading theories and approaches to vocational choice. Gain personal insight and tools relevant to your situation.

Is It For You?

Explore Your Perfect Career is the right programme for you when:

  • You want to explore different theories of finding work you love
  • You're interested in understanding how your own psychology relates to career choice
  • You want practical techniques to find more fulfilment in your work
  • You aren't sure if you want to change job or career, but want to explore your options


applied theory


individual perspective


human capital perspective

Introduction to theories of vocational choice.

Global trends and shifts in the workplace.

Work out what's relevant for your situation.

Exploration of interests, motivations, and values.

Consideration of current situation and desired future.

Understand how personality traits impact career choice.

Understand the role of push and pull factors.

Examination of professional history and equity.

Consideration of near- and long-term career goals.

Mapping professional equity to market demand.

Separate out must-haves from ideal-to-haves.

See how choices fit into longer-term career development.

Key Features

  • Expert coach and career strategist guidance
  • 1 psychometric, Lumina Spark
  • 6 sessions
  • Small-group format
  • Follow-up support
  • Folder of theories, techniques and worksheets for personal application

Pricing and Times

595 GBP / 695 USD

Remote or in-person

Explore Your Perfect Career is a 2-day workshop that takes place over two, consecutive days. It involves approximately 4 hours on each day. The workshop takes place four times a year, in January, March, May, and October.

Not what you're looking for? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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