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Engage your people and improve your company culture. Boost your team morale and retain talent to increase company growth.

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Employee engagement programmes for organisations struggling with disengaged employees or retaining top talent.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee morale can be the difference between 10% or 100% growth at the end of the year. Disengaged employees can poison company cultures and cause top talent to leave. Employee engagement programmes can boost employee satisfaction by understanding your team's values and motivations, and integrating them into your company culture.

Employee Retention

If good people keep leaving your organisation and you don't know why, or if you want to give your best employees a reason to stay, offer them a programme that focuses on their maximising their potential. Employee engagement programmes isolate particular factors that are causing your people to leave, and give your organisation a reputation for an engaging workplace.

Improve Company Culture

Whether you are building a company culture or wanting to improve your company culture, the first step is to look at the individuals in your organisations. Employee engagement programmes can help you set the tone for your workplace, encouraging and engaging the right talent for your organisation's success.

How Our employee engagement programmes Work

Our employee engagement programmes combine our career management approach with evidence-based research and insight into organisational consulting and organisational change. Our career management approach involves a multi-disciplinary analysis of your specific situation, using the latest findings from areas including psychology, neuroscience, and management.

Our employee engagement programmes start with an initial meeting to discuss your situation and how we can have the greatest impact for your organisation.

Sprints not marathons

Our sprint-based solutions save organisations time and money. We don't propose organisational transformations or culture changes that distract your people. We simply target the next most important thing you can do to see a tangible improvement

relevant theory only

We aren't wed to one school of thought. We assess your problem using complex adaptive systems (CAS). Taking your particular challenge into account, we give you a lean, fast, and highly-effective solution. CAS is theory-driven, data responsive, and the only relevant model for a disruptive context

People not 'human resources'

We run a private career management practice alongside our organisational work. We have direct, honest data about what people want, need, and dislike at work. We use this to develop more effective talent management and company culture solutions


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