Unbeatable teams don't happen by chance

We help executive teams navigate key inflection points. We provide critical information to ensure that your strengths drive performance against strategic goals.

Strategic intelligence for the executive team, about the executive team

The changing business landscape means executive teams face high levels of disruption, complexity, and scrutiny. This requires new, less easily quantifiable "soft" skills. We measure these "softer" skills and map them to key business outcomes and stakeholder relationships using SibylTM.

Information is power.

Scenario planning

We provide a clear view on the most likely scenarios you'll face and how to succeed.

Efficient decision-making

We get you the information you need when you need it.

Data-driven insight

We provide accurate information on stakeholder engagement and other performance drivers that impact results.

Lasting impact

We deliver solutions that build new strengths into your executive team and business, sustainably.

We bring you in because you're a partner who we can count on to care about our challenges the way we do.


It was, as you know, a pretty bad time for me at the business...but I still had to keep showing up, staying calm, dealing with the punches, and keep driving forward my team's KPIs and projects. I deeply appreciate your partnership during that time. You gave me the strategic thought partnership I needed to do what had to be done.

senior vp, consumer staples

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