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We deliver customized global leadership development programs that sustainably change behaviors with data-driven insight, and context-informed frameworks and actions. Our programs have a strong focus on building peer-to-peer connections and knowledge sharing that continues beyond the program. 
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see increased need to reskill
60% of leaders say the COVID-19 pandemic has increased their need to build new skills
of executives
78% of executives feel leadership capability building is very or extremely important to their organization’s long-term growth
of core job skills
42% of the core skills required to perform existing jobs are expected to change by 2022

Our Global Executive Development Programs

Our proprietary methodology, Sibyl™, combines data analytics, scientifically-validated psychometric instruments, and behavior change expertise to deliver leading edge analysis and solutions for your next global leadership development program. We customize all programs to your organizational culture and strategic priorities.
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Providing high-impact and quality training is table stakes in today’s market. What continues to bring us back to our partnership with Arieli & Company is their unwavering commitment to providing sustainable, innovative, and research-driven solutions. Very few partners will roll up their sleeves, jump in the trenches, and partner together to develop something even greater than first anticipated. This differentiation is why our partnership remains so strong.

Global Head of Leadership Development, AB InBev

Our Global Women’s Leadership Programs

Women in senior leadership can face different challenges and opportunities to their male counterparts - in leadership and career. We deliver one-to-one and group executive coaching, we embed practices for peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing and collaboration, and we equip your leaders with context-informed frameworks and advice. 
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The AB InBev Global Women's Leadership Program

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Global Women's Leadership Program
Global Leadership Development Programs

Women leaders in the corporate world can face greater challenges than their male counterparts, including structural issues that impact their career advancement. The net result is the underrepresentation of women in the corporate world, especially in functions seen as critical to qualify for CEO and board-level appointments.

AB InBev prides itself on leadership that grows at the pace of its talent. The organisation wanted a program that provided networking opportunities, career management advice and strategies, and individualized opportunities to advance leadership strengths. We partnered with them to develop and deliver the AB InBev Global Women's Leadership Program, which took place from March to December 2020.


A leading edge Women's Leadership Program

48 senior women leaders were invited to participate in the inaugural AB InBev Global Women’s Leadership Program. The program combined executive roundtables, one-to-one executive coaching, immersive small group development experiences, and a landmark capstone event. Program content was expert-led and user-centric: key topics were proposed, and participants voted on the content they wanted the program to include. Topics included Leading through Uncertainty, How to Develop Agile Teams, How to Build Role- and Career-Legacy, and Influence and Negotiation with Senior Stakeholders. The program tracked key measures associated with leadership success at the company. Insights were used to inform adaptive program content and experiences. The program was delivered during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, and its agility enabled the right content to be delivered at the right time to drive impact for leaders and business.


Elevating a legacy of strong female leadership at AB InBev

The AB InBev Global Women’s Leadership Program developed a strong network of senior women leaders across the global organization. The program achieved a very high NPS, and all scientific measures selected to track program success improved. We were invited to run the program for a second year. In 2021, the second cohort of senior women leaders have accessed new experiences and content, including Leading through CEO Transition and on-demand masterclasses (for example, Overcome Imposter Syndrome). With two program cohorts, we have established an alumnae community with special events and one-to-one “matchmaking” to support additional leadership impact and career growth.

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