Improve Work-Life Balance

Protect time for what and who matters most to you

Separate out what's important from what screams the loudest

Progress in your career without sacrificing work-life balance


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Efficiency techniques can spill over into your family life.

Achieving Effective Work-Life Boundaries

10 ways to manage the boundary between work and home.

People Work and Burnout

Work out when your work gives to you and when it takes from you.

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What We Offer


P ivot is a short and structured one-to-one programme. Designed specifically for busy clients, especially parents and those with significant commitments outside work. Our focus is creating a strong foundation to address unmet needs or imbalances showing up for you. Together, we develop a plan to protect and foster what matters most to you.

Is It For You?

Pivot is the right programme for you when:

  • You burnt out, and need to make sure that you don't make the same mistake again
  • You're a busy parent, and feel torn between work and family commitments
  • You've recently had your first or second child, and are working out how to manage your new responsibilities alongside work
  • You're returning to work after extended leave, and need some help easing yourself back in again






plan development



Examination of professional history and equity.

Review of existing circumstances.

Understand your hierarchy of priorities.

Work out what's missing and where you most want to see change.

Articulation of ideal situation.

Analysis of any shifted priorities and ideas for future endeavours.

Separate out your must-haves from your ideal-to-haves.

Fit your work-life balance choices into your wider career/family/health goals.

Understand how much flexibility your organisation will offer you.

Derivation of factors influencing achievement of ideal balance.

Build a plan from your current situation to your preferred outcome.

See where you face definite trade-offs.

Gain strategies to overcome potential obstacles.

Start implementation of your plan.

Refine realistic action sets around each milestone.

Receive your ongoing balance and career advancement report.

Get follow-up support to help with questions or challenges that arise.

Key Features

  • Expert coach and career strategist guidance
  • 6 meetings, in-person or remote
  • 2 diagnostics, Lumina Spark and Dual-Aspect Insight
  • Ongoing balance and career advancement report
  • Follow-up support

Pricing and Times

1,624 GBP / 2,100 USD

Remote or in-person

Pivot takes 6 weeks to complete, and takes about 90-minutes' time per week.

O ne-to-one coaching to explore new priorities or emerging interests in your life. Perfect for those who don't want to sacrifice the progress they've made in their careers, or who want to explore more flexible ways of working. Together, we articulate your new ideal situation and build a plan to achieve it. We put your plan into practice, and supplement it with sustainable practices.

Is It For You?

Coaching to improve your work-life balance is the right programme for you when:

  • You've experienced a major health event, and need to adjust how you work
  • You're frazzled juggling work, family, and other commitments, and need to find a more sustainable way forward
  • You're burning the candle at both ends, and are starting to see the toll its taking
  • You're bored or not entirely happy right now, and want to introduce more colour to your life again


initial review


desired future


plan development


plan implementation



Review of current situation and challenges.

Discussion of the coaching road map ahead, including logistics (meeting arrangements, pricing, timing, and length of engagement).

Get a top-level perspective on your situation.

Understand how coaching will help you redefine your work-life balance.

Survey of your commitments and priorities.

Exploration of your ideal outcome.

Understand how much your existing organisation/industry can support ideal outcome.

Develop a strong, aspirational vision for your new balance.

Gather the insight you require to inform your approach.

Identification of potential obstacles.

Identification of strengths to support establishment of your changes.

Identify personal changes you need to make.

Understand what milestones you need to achieve.

Application of your fully-informed coaching plan.

Step-by-step action to achieve your ideal outcome.

Integrate emerging priorities as you progress.

Develop and embody capacities to underpin your new balance.

Development of longer-range plan.

Consideration of key practices to support ongoing balance.

Establish a follow-up process for support.

Plot your course ahead.

Key Features

  • Support and guidance from an expert coach
  • Coaching sessions via phone, video conference, or in person
  • Robust and agile coaching methodology, based on the Hudson Approach
  • Choose a coach yourself, or we can recommend one based on your particular needs

Pricing and Times

Pricing varies from 150 GBP / 190 USD per session.

Remote or in-person

Coaching may be short or long term. You can expect short-term engagements to comprise 6 sessions over 2-3 months. Longer-term engagements typically involve a year-long commitment, with 10-12 sessions in that time. Your coach will advise you of an appropriate length to suit your needs.

Not what you're looking for? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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