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innovation academy

An 8-month programme to equip leaders with the expertise and acumen to drive innovation and growth across their teams and organisation.

We focus on capability building. We provide an immersive learning experience, with a strong focus on cross-functional understanding of your business, emerging skills, and macro trends.

The academy develops both hard and soft skills and capabilities, including learning agility, cross-organisational networks that accelerate innovation, the role of diversity and inclusion, lead tech integration and adoption, from ideation to implementation.

All programmes are fully customised to deliver against your organisation's strategic challenges and priorities.

  • 8-month programme
  • Limited time away from the office
  • Immersive learning experience customised to business needs
  • Peer-to-peer learning groups to share expertise and co-solve "stuck spots"
  • Join an alumni network of innovators and change leaders from global corporations

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custom solutions

Consulting and solutions to identify and exploit innovation capabilities within the organisation and its operating model. We focus on identifying existing and untapped capabilities.

We conduct organisational network analyses to model the flow of work processes, knowledge management, and practices that impact creativity and innovation within the organisation. We also use other quantitative and qualitative methods to audit and improve innovation capabilities.

Our solutions include process improvements and culture initiatives.

  • Implementation focused - solutions are specifically designed to operate "on the ground" and to meet business needs head-on
  • Empirically driven - rigorous and relevant data analysis informs solutions
  • Strategic challenging - we challenge clients where "the way we do things around here" risks damaging current/future capacity to meet the business need for innovation

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