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The number one problem most HR directors face is developing the leadership talent their organisations need to grow and expand. organisations that can identify, manage, and develop high-performing leaders are far more likely to outpace the competition and realise breakout success. Done successfully, these organisations cultivate internal succession candidates for CxO roles, create and sustain a talent pipeline for critical roles, and optimise team development and effectiveness.

We apply a rigorous ROI methodology to estimate the financial returns to an organisation of leadership development initiatives. Our solutions augment organisations' existing leadership development programmemes and systems, and where appropriate, we suggest alternative solutions likely to increase the effectiveness of leadership and development outcomes.

When the stakes are high, it's human decision that counts. We help organisations make sure that their leaders can rise to the challenge.

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We help organisations develop the leaders they need to grow and expand. We follow proven methods and use cutting-edge tools capable of delivering superior results.

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Leadership Development programmemes

We help organisations build leaders that are uniquely positioned to forge the next chapter in growth and expansion. Our executive and leadership development programmemes assess and develop the skills, behaviours, and attributes necessary for high performance.

With a view on strategic priorities, we detect and measure gaps in critical competencies, including hard-to-assess skills. Our training encompasses competency building in: leadership effectiveness; fostering creativity and innovation in work teams; managing cross-generational and remote teams; and emotional intelligence and resilience in fast-paced, complex environments. We also offer more specialised trainings in post-merger integration, managing engagement and dark triad traits in the workplace, and the use of social network analysis to bridge strategic disconnects between departments and organisations.

Our solutions develop cohorts of leaders who have the foresight and capacity to drive high-performance outcomes against the backdrop of a complex, demanding market environment. Training capitalises on quick wins, and contributes to a pipeline of viable internal succession candidates for CxO and other critical roles.

Executive and leadership development programmemes include advanced psychometric assessment, individualised coaching and development plans, and competency-in-action labs.

career management solutions

Our career management solutions help leaders and high-level contributors navigate challenging inflexion points in their career. The situations we help with include disenchantment and loss of motivation, uncertainty about career direction, dealing with and moving beyond workplace bullying, and tackling transitions to new, challenging roles. The aim of our solutions is to provide informed, impartial advice to leaders and high-level contributors, and to help them achieve peak performance at work and in their career.



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Specific benefits with us

See a return on your investment

Only 10-20% of organisations who invest in leadership development initiatives evaluate their effectiveness on performance outcomes. Given the war for leadership talent and the need for organisations to maintain competitive cost structures and fiscal responsibility, assessing the return on leadership development investment is essential for executive decision-makers. We apply a rigorous ROI methodology to estimate the financial returns to an organisation of leadership development initiatives.

Develop the right leaders

organisational growth and performance is powered by a commitment to develop the leaders needed for the future. Development-focussed assessments isolate growth areas for individuals in the talent pipeline, and pinpoint the IQ dimensions and capabilities that matter most. Our solutions inform strategies to sustain talent pipelines, and develop leaders who can meet the demands your organisation faces - in the near and long term.

Retain your star performers

We run a private career management practice in addition to our leadership consultancy for organisations. This means we have unfiltered access to leaders' actual motivations, values, and career objectives. With a view across demographics and sectors, we witness emerging trends before they gain traction. We use this information to give our clients the advantage in the 'war on talent' and in the creation of attractive, high-performing cultures and organisations.

the state of leadership development


Leadership development creates engagement

Effective leadership is the second most important factor in employee engagement

Source: Casserly, M. (2011). What Employees Want More Than A Raise in 2012. Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/meghancasserly/2011/12/15/what-employees-want-more-than-a-raise-in-2012/#514876792f2a


Millennials under-prepared for leadership

63% of millennials say their leadership skills are not being adequately developed

Source: Deloitte (2016). Deloitte Millennial Survey Executive Summary. Retrieved from https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/global/Documents/About-Deloitte/gx-millenial-survey-2016-exec-summary.pdf


L&D neglects the pipeline

Only 5% of organisations have fully implemented leadership development at all levels. The majority focus on CxOs and other senior leadership, neglecting L&D at other levels in the organisation.

Source: Brandon Hall Group (2015). State of Leadership Development 2015: Time to Act is Now. Retrieved from http://www.brandonhall.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=IP15+-+

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By providing your information, you agree that we process it in line with GDPR regulations.