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The number one problem most HR directors face is developing the leadership talent their organisations need to grow and expand. Organisations that can identify, manage, and develop high-performing leaders are far more likely to outpace the competition and realise breakout success. Done successfully, these organisations cultivate internal succession candidates for CxO roles, create and sustain a talent pipeline for critical roles, and optimise team development and effectiveness.

Notwithstanding a commitment to developing future leaders, organisations must contend with a number of adversarial factors:

  • Viable succession candidates 'drop out of the race' if they have become disenchanted by organisational procedures and outcomes that appear inequitable, to disadvantage minorities, or to provide insufficient psychological safety. This applies as much to those who identify as white men, as it does to women, and racial, LGBTQ, and other minorities
  • The 'war on talent' disproportionately affects leadership to make it very difficult to build a shortlist find of suitable, qualified succession candidates
  • The disruptive context demands that CxOs and those in other critical leadership roles are able to foster innovative capacities in their teams and organisations, if not epitomise them personally

Organisations must also face changes in the world of work that mean that employees feel more disconnected to the businesses they work for. Among these changes are an increased search for meaning from work life and career, and more pressure on individuals to make smart career choices. Weaker organisational hierarchies, shifts towards automation and digitisation, and communication challenges between incoming millennials and experienced talent can undermine engagement and commitment to the organisation on all sides. Such changes precipitate lower employee loyalty (cue the salience of employer branding) and higher turnover as leaders search for meaning among multiple mandates and their vendors, organisations.

leadership development

This confers a strong advantage on organisations who can not only acquire the right talent, but who also have the capacity and insight to develop it to forge the next chapter in their organisational performance. It is to this end that we direct our leadership development solutions. With an appreciation for strategic priorities we:

  • Identify the critical variables that drive maximum performance outcomes using advanced psychometric assessments, network and systems analysis, and the development of a thorough understanding of the context and issues to which leaders must respond, both internal and external
  • Develop leadership development programmes and other solutions calibrated to fit both strategic imperatives and leaders' individual differences. Strategic alignment ensures leadership development solutions build leaders who meet the business' internal and external challenges. Customisation that accounts for individual differences ensures maximum value-add for each leader, and improves their degree of engagement with and commitment to the organisation
  • Apply a long-term focus on what leaders want to achieve across their careers to align personal professional objectives with organisational priorities. This increases retention of star performers, raises employee engagement, and increases leader commitment to achieving outcomes associated with higher leadership effectiveness

We apply a rigorous ROI methodology to estimate the financial returns to an organisation of leadership development initiatives. Our solutions augment organisations' existing leadership development programmes and systems, and where appropriate, we suggest alternative solutions likely to increase the effectiveness of leadership and development outcomes.

When the stakes are high, it's human decision that counts. We help organisations make sure that their leaders can rise to the challenge.

leadership development

Effective leadership can account for better organisational performance, higher profits, and a better workplace culture. An organisation's investment in its leaders is an important statement of its commitment to emerging talent, potential succession candidates, and alignment to its own strategic priorities.

With a documented rise in anxiety disorders and narcissistic traits, it is more important than ever to implement leadership development programmes that can address these factors and develop leaders capable of effective team development, talent development in the high-level contributors they manage, and net positive contributions to organisational performance and workplace culture. The speed of change, complexity, and ambiguity, demands a heightened level of resilience and the capacity to make shrewd decisions that will help the organisation grow and expand.

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, remains a central concern for organisations developing leaders. Our objective and rigorous assessments provide leaders with a view on their individual strengths and challenges, and equips them with the insight and impetus they need to improve how they relate to others, manage their own emotions, and navigate complex situations.

The ability to foster innovation and entrepreneurial capacities within their people and the wider organisation are also key for effective leadership today. We use a proven tool that measures entrepreneurial talent and ability. Deployed within the context of leadership development it helps identify those leaders most able to contribute to business innovation and growth, and provides key insights on developmental edges and how to address them for increased creativity and innovation.

Our leadership development solutions integrate insights and emerging trends we identify in our private career management practice. To this end, they help pre-empt the loss of star performers, highlight issues likely to be reducing diversity in the talent pipeline for critical leadership and CxO roles, and underpin initiatives that reliably deliver peak performance outcomes for organisations.

talent development

Dedicating resources to the organisation's best and brightest means showing them that the organisation is committed to their development. Leadership development programmes nurture the talent in the organisation and build their capacities to align with the organisation's growth. When it comes to development, most organisations simply focus on leadership development, and don't have an adequate talent strategy in place for their talent development. This not only ignores the potential of the future leaders of the organisation, but risks alienating and losing high-potential talent. Attracting the best talent is all about establishing a talent development process that develops high-potential employees to become the organisation's leaders of tomorrow.

team development

Supporting team development, from skills development to capacity building, can turn an average team into a high-performing team. Organisations that establish effective team development programmes are more likely to have increased productivity and engagement among their employees. Understanding individual differences within the organisation's high-level teams can predict and isolate conflict areas, potential derailers, and opportunities for team building to improve effectiveness. Developing high-performing teams requires an alignment between organisational and functional needs, and individual motivations and talents. Whilst this can be a challenging balance to achieve, creating a team development plan to understand the optimum conditions for high performance can unite the best in each individual to create an impact across the organisation.

Our Services

We help organisations develop the leaders they need to grow and expand. We follow proven, established methods that work, and augment these with validated cutting-edge research and tools capable of delivering cost-effective and superior results.

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Leadership Development Audit & Strategy

Our audit provides organisations with clear, actionable recommendations to improve their leadership development strategy and practices. The aim of the audit is to help organisations develop the leaders they need to grow and expand.

We evaluate the performance of organisations' existing leadership development strategy and practices against their strategic priorities. We help organisations identify the key criteria that describe what high-performing leaders look like for them, with consideration to specific capabilities, roles, industries, and geographies. We detect gaps where existing practices deter or overlook viable candidates, or conversely over-invest in leadership development initiatives that are concomitant with sub-optimal performance outcomes. We also identify supra-individual factors that influence leadership development outcomes, including the influence of workplace culture, social networks and key 'connectors', and formal and informal development opportunities.

We make help organisations improve the accuracy with which they identify leadership potential and talent. We advise on methods and tools that will improve leadership development, including tech applications. We highlight quick wins, and specify changes that will develop internal succession candidates for CxO roles, create and sustain a talent pipeline for critical roles, and optimise team development and effectiveness.

The audit involves stakeholder interviews with the strategic leadership team, job analysis and competency mapping, and the use of psychometric assessments and validated measures of innovation and social networks, as per client requirements. The audit delivers an in-depth written assessment, along with clear, actionable recommendations.

The audit can be completed for an organisation as a whole, or with reference to a particular team or department. Audits take 4-12 weeks, as per client availability.

Leadership Development Programmes

Our leadership development programmes provide organisations with complete, self-contained programmes that build the skills, behaviours, and attributes necessary for performance. The aim of our programmes is to help organisations build cohorts of leaders uniquely positioned to forge the next chapter in their growth and expansion.

We use development-focused assessments to provide objective, actionable insight on the leadership factors that have the greatest impact on organisational performance, including personality traits, interpersonal and communication style, and current competencies. We map this to the competencies required to drive performance outcomes, and detect gaps that threaten to leave the organisational without the talent it needs to achieve its strategic priorities.

We develop customised leadership development programmes calibrated to address critical gaps in leadership competencies, and to meet near and long term issues the organisation faces. We build a degree of personalisation into our programmes to account for individual differences: this ensures maximum value-add for each leader, and improves their degree of engagement with the training and commitment to the organisation. We capitalise on quick wins, and effect developmental agendas that will have a sustainable impact on leadership effectiveness, the development of talent pipelines for critical roles, and organisational performance.

Our leadership development programmes involve psychometric assessments, virtual training, opportunities for the cohort to come together for relationship building and intensive capacity-building, and job analysis and competency mapping, as per client requirements. The audit delivers an in-depth written assessment, along with clear, actionable recommendations.

Leadership development programmes can be implemented as sprint-based solutions within 6-12 week periods, or can be delivered over year-long periods or as series that synchronise with other L&D initiatives.

career management solutions

Our career management solutions provide organisation with complete, self-contained solutions that help leaders and high-level contributors navigate challenging inflexion points in their career. The situations we help with include disenchantment and loss of motivation, uncertainty about career direction, dealing with and moving beyond workplace bullying, and tackling transitions to new, challenging roles. The aim of our solutions is to provide informed, impartial advice to leaders and high-level contributors, and to help them achieve peak performance at work and in their career.

We offer these services to organisations because we have identified an increasingly strong link between organisations trusting and investing in their employees, and the loyalty and dedication those employees then demonstrate to their employers.

Our career management solutions involve the use of psychometric assessments, one-to-one consultations, and specific capacity-building techniques. We provide training in areas that support client development. A strong focus is placed on resilience, the ability to handle complexity and ambiguity, and the alignment of personal career objectives with organisational opportunities. All solutions are fully personalised to address critical gaps that undermine the client performance at work and in their career, and to capitalise on their individual strengths, track record, and opportunities.

The solutions provide clear, actionable recommendations for career strategy, professional development, leadership development (where relevant), and the creation of a legacy that matters to the client.

Career management solutions can be provided as a follow-on initiative to group-based solutions, or as one-off developmental opportunities. Solutions vary from one consultation to long-term career management programmes and tracking.

Embedded Solutions

Our embedded solutions provide organisations with fully-developed and -operational interventions to address strategic priorities in leadership development. The aim is to provide organisations with targeted, highly-effective, and complete solutions to develop the leaders they require for a given strategic priority, whether related to industry, geography, function, seniority, or other objectives.

We provide organisations with customised solutions to cultivate internal succession candidates for CxO roles, create and sustain talent pipelines for critical roles, and optimise team development and effectiveness. We help them address issues related to the underperformance of high-potential employees, and to the loss of viable succession candidates and star performers.

We develop customised and full solutions for leadership development, from group trainings, to developing structured career paths and professional development plans for high-potential talent, to year-long leadership development programmes that equip cohorts with critical leadership competencies. Our solutions include psychometric assessments, stakeholder interviews, executive coaching and team coaching solutions, virtual training and competency-building, off-sites and residentials that foster network building and deeper leadership capacities, and the training of internal L&D professionals to continue service delivery.

We develop our solutions in-house and integrate third-party applications, where preferred. We embed solutions into the client organisation where possible for full cultural ownership and cost-effectiveness. We build long-term relationships with clients and provide advice to help them keep their embedded solutions competitive and fully up-to-date.

We develop customised and full solutions for talent acquisition, from competency frameworks and situational-judgement tests to assessment centres and selection procedures. We develop solutions in-house and integrate third-party applications, where preferred.



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Specific benefits with us

See a return on your investment

Only 10-20% of organisations who invest in leadership development initiatives evaluate their effectiveness on performance outcomes. Given the war for leadership talent and the need for organisations to maintain competitive cost structures and fiscal responsibility, assessing the return on leadership development investment is essential for executive decision-makers. We apply a rigorous ROI methodology to estimate the financial returns to an organisation of leadership development initiatives.

Develop the right leaders

Organisational growth and performance is powered by a commitment to develop the leaders needed for the future. Development-focussed assessments isolate growth areas for individuals in the talent pipeline, and pinpoint the IQ dimensions and capabilities that matter most. Our solutions inform strategies to sustain talent pipelines, and develop leaders who can meet the demands your organisation faces - in the near and long term.

Retain your star performers

We run a private career management practice in addition to our leadership consultancy for organisations. This means we have unfiltered access to leaders' actual motivations, values, and career objectives. With a view across demographics and sectors, we witness emerging trends before they gain traction. We use this information to give our clients the advantage in the 'war on talent' and in the creation of attractive, high-performing cultures and organisations.

the state of leadership development


Leadership development creates engagement

Effective leadership is the second most important factor in employee engagement

Source: Casserly, M. (2011). What Employees Want More Than A Raise in 2012. Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/meghancasserly/2011/12/15/what-employees-want-more-than-a-raise-in-2012/#514876792f2a


Millennials under-prepared for leadership

63% of millennials say their leadership skills are not being adequately developed

Source: Deloitte (2016). Deloitte Millennial Survey Executive Summary. Retrieved from https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/global/Documents/About-Deloitte/gx-millenial-survey-2016-exec-summary.pdf


L&D neglects the pipeline

Only 5% of organisations have fully implemented leadership development at all levels. The majority focus on CxOs and other senior leadership, neglecting L&D at other levels in the organisation.

Source: Brandon Hall Group (2015). State of Leadership Development 2015: Time to Act is Now. Retrieved from http://www.brandonhall.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=IP15+-+

case studies

Leadership Development

Leading UK media company

The technology innovation department suffered from high turnover and employee disengagement. The senior leader was concerned about retaining his best employees, and addressing poor team morale. We developed an away-day intensive and provided the team with a proven model to manage their own career engagement. We included strategies based on the particular workplace culture, and the challenge of working in a time-poor, opportunity-rich environment. The department went on to merge successfully with another internal team, and we received positive feedback from the department leaders and employees. We also received an offer to return to work with the department. Based on this work, we received positive feedback from the team and were invited to get in touch again post-merger to develop a longer-term partnership.

Leadership Development

Financial Times top-5 UK business school

The business school approached us to help tackle some delicate issues around employee disenchantment amongst a prestigious group of senior academics. Over two years, we ran sprint-based development solutions focused on moving beyond the challenging incidents that created disengagement, overcoming choice fatigue in day-to-day work, and developing leadership presence in the MBA classroom. We continue to work with individuals from this group, with a focus on and achieving peak performance across the career.

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