Make a Career Transition

Test whether your new career direction makes sense

Plan your transition from one career path to another

Get a solid plan B in place


Insure Your Career Change

A basic guide to setting up plan B

Be Directly Relevant

Map past assets to your future to support career change.

Get Granular About Your Career Change

Consider the full implications of your career change before you set out.

Useful Resources


Career change based on small steps that use your existing strengths


A 4-day programme in Santa Barbara (CA) to craft the next chapter

Desiging Your Life

Use design-thinking to build a life you can thrive in, at any age or stage

Working Identity

Do and experiment - unconventional strategies for re-inventing your career

What We Offer


T ransition is is a short and structured one-to-one programme. Designed specifically for busy clients who are facing a major change in their life and career. We provide you with support and a guided process to achieve your preferred outcome. Together, we lay strong foundations for your new career chapter, and build a plan to re-launch to the next chapter.

Is It For You?

Transition is the right programme for you when:

  • You're changing from one career track to another, and want extra support with the transition
  • You're switching from full-time employment to self-employment, and want to make sure you get off to a strong start
  • You're leaving your existing organisation, whether by your own choice or someone's else's, and want to make sure you land on your feet




plan development


implementation I


implementation II



Examination of professional history and equity.

Review of transition goals and exploration of ideal outcome.

Review of your existing circumstances and immediate career goals.

Understand your professional leverage and potential hurdles.

Frame your next move in terms of your wider career trajectory.

Derivation of primary factors that affect success of the transition.

Development of transition plan.

Understand what milestones you need to achieve.

Gain strategies to overcome potential obstacles.

Refinement and recalibration of transition plan.

Lay foundations for successful plan implementation.

Build momentum in the early stages of your transition.

Integrate emerging priorities that arise.

Systems-based evaluation and improvement of transition plan.

Integration of supportive practices and alliances to support longer-range plan.

Understand how to increase the effectiveness of your transition plan.

Develop techniques to support your continued progress.

Development of longer-range plan.

Receive your transition strategy with tips and techniques.

Get follow-up support to help with questions or challenges that arise.

Key Features

  • Expert coach and career strategist guidance
  • 6 meetings, in-person or remote
  • 2 psychometric tests, Lumina Spark and Dual-Aspect Insight
  • Transition plan and supporting practices
  • Continued follow-up support

Pricing and Times

1,624 GBP / 2,100 USD

Remote or in-person

Transition takes 6 weeks to complete. We recommend transition coaching if you want support for a longer timeframe.

O ne-to-one coaching that provides guidance and support through a demanding career change. Ideal for re-aligning their careers to change job or organisation, or considering retiring. Together, we explore your options and help you build a plan to successfully transition to the next chapter of your career.

Is It For You?

Coaching to help with a career transition is right for you when:

  • You're in the middle of a stressful transition, and want some extra support
  • Unforeseen circumstances made you take a job that isn't the right fit - you want support transitioning to a better role
  • You're leaving your organisation - by choice or factors outside your control - and want help landing on your feet
  • You're considering retiring and want to explore your options


initial review


desired future


plan development


plan implementation



Review of current situation and challenges.

Discussion of the coaching road map ahead, including logistics (meeting arrangements, pricing, timing, and length of engagement).

Get a top-level perspective on your situation.

Understand how coaching will help you move to your next career chapter.

Consideration of your current situation, including precipitating factors.

Exploration of your ideal outcome.

Develop a strong, aspirational vision.

Gather the insight you require to inform your approach.

Appreciation of potential obstacles.

Identification of strengths to support your transition.

Identify capacities you need to build.

Understand what milestones you need to achieve.

Implementation of your fully-informed coaching plan.

Step-by-step action to achieve your ideal outcome.

Integrate emerging priorities as you progress.

Develop and embody capacities to support your transition.

Development of longer-range plan.

Appraisal of transition achieved.

Establish a follow-up process for support.

Plot your course ahead.

Key Features

  • Support and guidance from an expert coach
  • Coaching sessions via phone, video conference, or in person
  • Robust and agile coaching methodology, based on the Hudson Approach
  • Choose a coach yourself, or we can recommend one based on your particular needs

Pricing and Times

Pricing varies from 150 GBP / 190 USD per session.

Remote or in-person

Coaching may be short or long term. You can expect short-term engagements to comprise 6 sessions over 2-3 months. Longer-term engagements typically involve a year-long commitment, with 10-12 sessions in that time. Your coach will advise you of an appropriate length to suit your needs.

Not what you're looking for? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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