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What We Offer


T roubleshoot is a short and structured one-to-one programme. Designed specifically for busy clients who want to resolve an issue that is impacting their career. We focus on the development of a viable solution, including techniques to help you manage the situation. Together we unpick the contributing factors, and build a plan for you to achieve your desired outcome.

Is It For You?

Troubleshoot is the right programme for you when:

  • You are unhappy in your career, and want work out what to do about it
  • You're dissatisfied with where your career is going, and need to change the script
  • You're having a tough time with a particular colleague, and need to address the situation
  • You feel excluded from a group at work, and need to work out what to do to feel happier or address the situation
  • You think you might be being bullied or harassed at work, and want support working out what to do next






solution development


continued support

Consideration of the problem and its impact.

Exploration of your ideal outcome.

Get perspective and expert advice on your situation.

Understand what's at stake for you if things don't change.

Examination of the contributing factors.

Separation of factors you can change from those you cannot.

Explore your different options.

Obtain the insight you need to decide how to move forward.

Determination of how to proceed.

Plan development to achieve ideal outcome.

Understand what steps you have to take to fix your problem.

Receive personalised techniques to overcome potential obstacles.

Implementation of your plan.

Development of workarounds and troubleshooting.

Get advice and support to implement your plan.

Receive your troubleshoot report with personalised techniques.

Key Features

  • Expert coach and career strategist guidance
  • 6 meetings, in-person or remote
  • 2 diagnostics, Lumina Spark and Dual-Aspect Insight
  • Troubleshoot report with personal techniques and tips
  • Follow up support, including weekly check-ins

Pricing and Times

1,624 GBP / 2,100 USD

Remote or in-person

Troubleshoot takes 6 weeks to complete. The programme can be extended for those facing complex situations.

O ne-to-one coaching to help you work through a negative issue that is impacting your career. Ideal when something or someone is impacting your happiness at work, or sense of fulfilment from your career. We review what is happening, and actions you can take to improve the situation. Together, we gather the insights you need and build a plan to bridge you to a better experience.

Is It For You?

Coaching to resolve a work issue is the right programme for you when:

  • You think you're having a quarter-life crisis, and want to work out what to do about it
  • You're having your mid-life crisis and want extra support
  • You want to tackle a long-standing problem with a colleague
  • You have interpersonal difficulties with a boss or supervisor
  • You're having a bad experience at work, and think it may be related to identifiers or bias (race, age, gender, sexual identity)
  • You're not sure if you're being harassed or bullied at work, and want to work out what to do about it


initial review


desired future


plan development


plan implementation



Review of the existing circumstances and challenge.

Discussion of the coaching road map ahead, including logistics (meeting arrangements, pricing, timing, and length of engagement).

Get a top-level perspective on the issue.

Understand how coaching will address the problem.

Examination of the problem and its impact.

Exploration of your ideal outcome.

Develop your aspirational vision and 1-2 coaching goals.

Gather the insight you require to inform your approach.

Identification of potential obstacles.

Appraisal of strengths to establishment of your ideal outcome.

Understand what milestones you need to achieve.

Develop and embody capacities to carry your plan forward.

Application of the fully-informed coaching plan.

Recalibration of goals and refinement of direction.

Step-by-step action to achieve your ideal outcome.

Witness changes in your situation, and integrate emerging insights.

Appraisal of progress made.

Development of longer-range plan.

Establish a follow-up process for support.

Plot your course ahead.

Key Features

  • Support and guidance from an expert coach
  • Coaching sessions via phone, video conference, or in person
  • Robust and agile coaching methodology, based on the Hudson Approach
  • Choose a coach yourself, or have one recommended to you based on your situation

Pricing and Times

Pricing varies from 100 GBP / 130 USD per session

Remote or in-person

Coaching may be short- or long-term. You can expect short-term engagements to comprise 6 sessions over 2-3 months. Longer-term engagements typically involve a year-long commitment, with 10-12 sessions in that time. Your coach will advise you of an appropriate length to suit your needs.

Not what you're looking for? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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