Return to Work

Negotiate the right role and responsibilities

Prepare yourself for normal work hours

Set appropriate boundaries


Identity and The Decision to Return to Work

The influence of the role redefinition process.

Easing The Transition

Considerations for parents struggling with returning to work.

Worker or Mother, But Not Both

How society sometimes depersonalises working parents.

Useful Resources

Negotiating the nonnegotiable

How to resolve your most emotionally charged conflicts

First things first

Using a compass - not a clock - to manage competing demands

I thought it was just me (but it isn't)

Brené Brown on overcoming the quest for perfection

Working Identity

Do and experiment - unconventional strategies for re-inventing your career

What We Offer


O ne-to-one, structured coaching to help you return to work. Ideal for parents who've stayed at home for several years, or for those who took time out to deal with burnout or other personally-attenuating circumstances. We explore suitable roles and help you position yourself as a candidate. Together, we develop and implement a plan for you to achieve your ideal outcome.

Is It For You?

Coaching to help you return to work is right for you when:

  • You're a new parent adjusting to work life after having your first child
  • You're juggling new responsibilities after having your second or third child
  • You're a new parent struggling with competing commitments


initial review


desired future


plan development


plan implementation



Review of current situation and desired outcomes.

Discussion of the coaching road map ahead, including logistics (meeting arrangements, pricing, timing, and length of engagement).

Get a top-level perspective on your situation.

Understand how coaching will help you return to work.

Consideration of your current situation.

Exploration of your ideal outcome.

Develop a strong, aspirational vision.

Gather the insight you require to inform your approach.

Identification of potential obstacles, inc. personal factors.

Identification of strengths to support your transition.

Understand what milestones you need to achieve.

Gain techniques and tools to help you.

Implementation of your fully-informed coaching plan.

Step-by-step action to achieve your ideal outcome.

Integrate emerging priorities as you progress.

Develop and embody capacities to support your transition.

Evaluation of the outcomes achieved.

Development of longer-range plan.

Establish a follow-up process for support.

Plot your course going forward.

Key Features

  • Support and guidance from an expert coach
  • Coaching sessions via phone, video conference, or in person
  • Robust and agile coaching methodology, based on the Hudson Approach
  • Choose a coach yourself, or we can recommend one based on your particular needs

Pricing and Times

Pricing varies from 100 GBP / 130 USD per session.

Remote or in-person

Coaching may be short or long term. You can expect short-term engagements to comprise 6 sessions over 2-3 months. Longer-term engagements typically involve a year-long commitment, with 10-12 sessions in that time. Your coach will advise you of an appropriate length to suit your needs.

J oin a small group of new parents and develop a plan to navigate your new responsibilities and work life. Over the course of 5 meetings, explore and address issues that have come to the fore for you as a new parent. Develop and implement a personal plan to achieve what you want for your family, for yourself, and for your career.

Is It For You?

The New Parents' Group Series is right for you when:

  • You're a new parent adjusting to work life after having your first child
  • You're juggling new responsibilities after having your second or third child
  • You're a new parent struggling with competing commitments
  • You feel alone in dealing with conflicting demands
  • You want to join a group of parents to share strategies and experiences


current situation


day-to-day life


desired future


plan development



What works for you, and what doesn't.

Common misconceptions about being a parent at work.

Juggling home and work responsibilities.

Consider your previous career and work life.

Identify what you'd like to keep the same.

Consider what you might want to adjust or re-imagine.

Explore the points of greatest tension in your work-family-personal balance.

Consider where you end up giving less to what matters.

Finding support within your team, and demonstrating value to your organisation.

Consider where you're showing up as the parent you want to be and where you'd like to see some change.

Articulate one important change you'd like to see.

Meet 1:1 with your group coach to develop your goal.

Explore what's resonated with you from the group work so far.

Gather the insight you require to inform your personal plan for change.

Appreciation of potential obstacles.

Identification of strengths to help you achieve your goal.

Share your learnings, successes, and challenges to date.

Explore new approaches, techniques, and tools.

Build awareness of the inner work that needs to take place to help with your goal.

Evaluation of progress towards your goal.

Development of longer-range plan.

Consolidate supportive practices and networks.

Key Features

  • Led by an expert coach
  • Five 1-hour sessions via phone or video-conferencing
  • One 1:1 session with your group coach
  • Develop and implement a personal plan for better balance
  • Join 4 other new parents, who have one or more children
  • (Optional) Explore options for flexible working

Pricing and Times

345 GBP / 450 USD


New Parents' Group Series involves five 1-hour group meetings and one 30-minute individual coaching session. It takes place over an 8-week period.

Not what you're looking for? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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