Secure the Ideal Job

Present yourself in a compelling way for the jobs you want

What do you need to know to get the role you want?

Address weak points in your applications


Your Model Work Product

10 common HiPo and high-performer CV flaws.

How Does Your Interviewer Like It?

Know who you'll be interacting with and how it matters.

Be Who They Want to Hire, or Be Better

Are you a compelling candidate for the roles you apply to?

Useful Resources

Heard on the street

Quantitative questions from Wall Street job interviews, including some tough general questions

Introduction to personal branding

Ten steps toward a new professional you

Advanced interview preparation

Thorough preparation for success in interviews

Hemingway editor

An app to make your cover letter writing bold and clear

What We Offer


O pportunity provides full support to secure a new job. Designed specifically for busy clients without the time to find new job vacancies or manage applications. Extra support with CVs, online presence, and interview approach. For existing or previous clients only.

Is It For You?

Opportunity is the right programme for you when:

  • You want to move job but are too busy or drained to find new job vacancies
  • You want help liaising effectively with new employers
  • You are applying to a selection of roles, and need help developing distinct and compelling applications to each
  • You want to develop a strong online presence to attract the right interest
  • You want help moving past the second round of interviews


job search brief


new opportunities






closing the job offer

Review of professional history and equity.

Discussion of career goals and strategy.

Understand your must-haves versus your ideal-to-haves.

Receive expert advice on what roles to apply for.

Sourcing of new opportunities.

Refinement of job search brief.

Consider 4+ relevant, new vacancies per month.

CV and cover letter preparation.

LinkedIn profile and online presence optimisation.

Support with application documents across multiple applications.

Attract prospective employers with your online profile.

Interview technique development and fail-safing.

Preparation for additional hiring processes, including psychometric testing.

Learn how to manage potential weaknesses in your interview.

Liaise effectively with prospective employers.

Acceptance terms and negotiation support.

Support to close on your job offer.

Key Features

  • Sourcing of new opportunities (4+ per month)
  • Pre- and post-briefing for interviews
  • Advice on liaison with hiring personnel
  • CV and cover letter preparation; LinkedIn profile advice
  • Advice to close on your job offer.

Pricing and Times

Clients typically achieve their next role within 2-3 months. Senior and leadership positions can take longer.

Please contact us for further information.

L everage Your USPs is a 1-day workshop to improve your standing as a job candidate. Designed specifically for professionals and recent MBA graduates looking for jobs in competitive markets. Identify the right opportunities, and present compelling applications. Includes appraisal of your professional brand and mitigation of weaknesses before they become a problem.

Is It For You?

Leverage Your USPs is right for you when:

  • You haven't received any offers yet, and can't work out why
  • You've just finished your MBA and want to submit successful applications to prospective employers
  • You're starting to apply for new jobs, and want extra help to get the job offers you want
  • You know you're in a competitive market for jobs, and need to increase your chances of success
  • You know you have particular weaknesses in your candidacy, and want to work out how to address them


job search




online presence




final stages

Identifying the best opportunities.

Finding 'hidden' roles.

Identify roles and organisations that offer the best fit.

Understand your competition.

Individual feedback on CVs. Guidance on CV content and formatting.

Drafting compelling cover letters.

Understand how to use CVs to highlight your strength as a candidate.

Learn how to convince hiring managers you're the right hire.

Individual feedback on LinkedIn profiles.

The pros and cons of online presence.

Understand how to attract employers using your online profile.

Understand how to present yourself as the candidate hiring mangers want to hire.

Appreciation of what the hiring manager sees when they look at your candidacy.

Preparation for challenging lines of questioning.

Understand how to showcase your strengths and 'flip' your weaknesses.

Avoid pitfalls in your thank you notes.

How to use feedback from unsuccessful applications.

Learn how to iterate your applications.

Gain tips for securing your new job on your preferred terms.

Key Features

  • 1-day workshop, involving six 45-minute modules
  • 4-7 participants per group
  • Q&A on difficult parts of the application process
  • CV review and feedback
  • LinkedIn profile review and feedback
  • Interviewing tips

Pricing and Times

195 GBP / 260 USD

Remote or in-person

Six 45-minute sessions on one weekend day. The workshop runs 6 times a year.

Not what you're looking for? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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Be Who They Want to Hire, or Better

Are you a compelling candidate for the roles you apply to?