Analyze and build the leadership strengths your organization wants

SibylTM elevates data analytics and human-centered insight

Arieli & Company uses a proprietary methodology and technology (SibylTM) to measure, track, and build senior leadership skills. Using data analytics, psychometric analysis and behavior change expertise, we benchmark senior leadership groups against performance indicators in your organization and industry.

By deconstructing existing and emerging leadership skills, SibylTM identifies hidden drivers and potential in your senior leadership populations. Informed by your strategic priorities, we advise on executive leadership team structure and dynamic, succession planning and pipeline development, and capability development across your business unit or organization.

Corporate use cases for SibylTM

Sponsor and develop senior leadership talent

Our client wanted to provide a superior career management and leadership development solution to their most senior women leaders globally.

We analyzed new and existing leadership data to ensure the merited and equitable advancement of women at the organization. The insights informed advice to the People executive committee and a bespoke Global Women's Leadership Program. Several women advanced to management committee or C-suite roles.

Enable your organization with psychological safety

This client saw a significant opportunity for psychological safety to elevate the learning culture and performance at their organization.

We used SibylTM to develop a custom model for psychological safety for this CPG, roadmap a program to be cascaded through its global zones, and develop actionable edutainment for different functions and leadership populations across the organization.

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Key applications for SibylTM

Executive Leadership Team performance

We advise on executive leadership team structure and dynamic, and partner with your ELT to create and elevate new and emerging leadership strengths.

Succession planning and pipeline development

We support you to identify and grow talent to fill leadership and business-critical positions in the future.

Leadership capability strategy and development

We help you measure, track and develop the leadership capabilities your organization wants to deliver against its strategic priorites, now and in the future.

SibylTM drives results across all our service groups

Leadership Capabilities

Elevate your organization's leadership capabilities to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Psychological Safety

We provide concrete recommendations to elevate psychological safety across your organization.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our DE&I solutions create better outcomes for people and superior returns for business.

Career Management

We provide astute career management for senior leaders.