Measure everything that matters

SibylTM quantifies "softer" skills that impact business performance. From stakeholder engagement to cross-functional collaboration to decision-making skill under pressure. SibylTM measures and maps key success factors.

Putting you in control of your executive team's impact

We use a proprietary methodology and technology (SibylTM) to measure and build "softer" skills critical to business performance. It leverages data analytics, psychometric analysis, and behavior change expertise to benchmark executive leadership groups against global, industry performance indicators. 

SibylTM maps "softer" skills to key business outcomes and stakeholder relationships at your organization. This means that our advice, reports, and solutions provide tangible impact against success factors that deliver exceptional business performance. 

Key applications for SibylTM

Optimal executive team alignment

Bridge any differences that impact cross-functional collaboration and business performance.

Embed new skills

Stay ahead of "softer" skills that chart success for executive teams in your industry.

Succession planning and pipeline development

Identify and develop talent to fill executive leadership and business-critical positions in the future. 

Develop talent pipeline

Our client wanted to provide a superior executive and career development solution to their most senior women leaders.

SibylTM analyzed new and existing leadership data to enable the merited and equitable advancement of women at the organization. The insights informed advice to the People executive committee and the development of a bespoke Global Women's Leadership Program. As a result, several women advanced to management committee and C-suite roles.

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Enable leader-led culture evolution

The client saw a significant opportunity for psychological safety to enable learning, performance and collaboration at their organization.

We used SibylTM to develop a bespoke model for psychological safety at this CPG, a roadmap to cascade wellness across its global organization, and actionable, engaging content for its leadership populations.


Advice and solutions for your executive team to consistently operate at its peak performance. We also provide discreet partnership to address headwinds or sensitive matters.


Advisory, assessment, and development for C-suite succession planning. Partnership to build strong talent pipelines.

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