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Work out what you have to do to excel on your own

Establish practices to keep you on track

What bases do you need to touch as you set up?


MBTI Type and Entrepreneurship Rating

Potential strengths and weaknesses based on your personality type.

Moonlight Entrepreneurship

The pros and cons of keeping a day job alongside your start-up.

What Drives the Creation of Entrepreneurs?

National characteristics that forge entrepreneurs.

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Brains vs capital

Concept-driven entrepreneurship

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What We Offer


O ne-to-one coaching to help you work out your transition from full-time paid employment to working as a freelancer or entrepreneur. Ideal for those leaving conventional employment to start out on their own, or work predominantly from home. We help you build and execute a plan to support your new enterprise, including milestones and supportive practices.

Is It For You?

Coaching to help you transition to working for yourself is right for you when:

  • You are in full-time employment now, and aren't sure if you want to take the leap of working for yourself
  • You have a new business idea, and want to explore how it could work for you and your life
  • You're leaving working for someone else to work for yourself
  • You've decided to become a contractor or freelance consultant


initial review


desired future


plan development


plan implementation



Review of current situation and vision for your next career chapter.

Discussion of the coaching road map ahead, including logistics (meeting arrangements, pricing, timing, and length of engagement).

Get a top-level perspective on the path ahead.

Understand how coaching will help you as a freelancer or entrepreneur.

Examination of your current situation.

Exploration of your ideal outcome.

Develop a strong, aspirational vision, supported by clear goals.

Gather the insight you require to inform your approach.

Appreciation of potential obstacles.

Identification of strengths to support your plan.

Understand what milestones you need to achieve.

Identification of capacities you need to build.

Execution of your fully-informed coaching plan.

Step-by-step action to achieve your ideal outcome.

Integrate emerging priorities as you progress.

Develop and embody capacities to support your transition and new situation.

Development of longer-range plan.

Evaluation of the outcomes achieved.

Establish a follow-up process for support.

Plot your course ahead.

Key Features

  • Support and guidance from an expert coach
  • Coaching sessions via phone, video conference, or in person
  • Robust and agile coaching methodology, based on the Hudson Approach
  • Choose a coach yourself, or we can recommend one based on your particular needs
  • (Optional) Stakeholder interviews and/or psychometric testing

Pricing and Times

Pricing varies from 120 GBP / 150 USD per session.

Optional extras: stakeholder interviews and/or psychometric testing.

Remote or in-person

Coaching may be short or long term. You can expect short-term engagements to comprise 6 sessions over 2-3 months. Longer-term engagements typically involve a year-long commitment, with 10-12 sessions in that time. Your coach will advise you of an appropriate length to suit your needs.

J oin a small group of ambitious new entrepreneurs, who leverage each other's capacities, and learn from each other's challenges and successes. Ideal for the internationally-minded, who want to grow and iterate your own and your business' development using peer insight and new tools. Develop and implement your individual development plan over the 10-month period.

Is It For You?

The New Entrepreneurs' Group Series is right for you when:

  • You've decided to set up your own business, and want to team up with a small group of like-minded professionals who support each other
  • You want to make serious progress against the goals you have set for yourself and your new business
  • You're starting your own business, and want to make sure you stay on track and catch your blindspots
  • You're aware that setting out on your own can be challenging, and want to team-up with a group who help push each other to their best
  • You want continued, light-touch support to make sure you're held accountable against your goals and continue to make steady progress for your new business
  • You want to gain insights from entrepreneurs setting up businesses in different sectors and regions




real-world mapping


plan development


plan implementation




Discussion of the road map for the group series, including logistics (meeting arrangements, timing, and length of engagement).

Learn how to use the group series to deepen your business leader capacities.

Examination of professional history and equity.

Exploration of motivations and values.

Consideration of your current situation, including threats and opportunities.

Exploration of near- and long-term goals.

Work out what information and resources you require to build an effective plan.

Set your plan in the context of wider business needs. Understand your key stakeholders and the implications for your approach.

Gain resources from your peers.

See how to build an effective development plan.

Identification of obstacles and strengths.

Understand what milestones you need to achieve.

1:1 session with your group coach to optimise your plan.

Common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Tools and strategies to surpass your goals.

Implementation of your informed and articulated plan.

Integration of emerging priorities and learnings.

Refine and recalibrate the action sets around each milestone.

Tackle challenging situations and hurdles with team insight.

Development of longer-range plan.

Evaluation of outcomes achieved.

Establish a follow-up process for support.

Plot your course ahead.

Key Features

  • Expert coach and career strategist guidance
  • Small group of 5-8 new entrepreneurs
  • 1 psychometric test and feedback session, Hogan Development Survey
  • Ten 1-hour group sessions, one per month
  • One 1:1 session with your group coach
  • Develop and implement your individual development plan
  • Online client platform and shared group resources
  • Via phone or video-conferencing

Pricing and Times

695 GBP / 895 USD

In beta-testing. New entrepreneurs' group series is currently less than 50% the normal price.


New Entrepreneurs' Group Series takes place over a 10-month time period. It involves ten 1-hour group sessions and one individual session. Groups are 8 people max.

Not what you're looking for? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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