Summer Analyst (Intern)

This 7-week internship provides a comprehensive introduction to leadership consultancy.

Application deadline

31 May 2023


London, UK

Start date

26 June 2023


£35,000 pro rata

This internship provides a comprehensive introduction to leadership consultancy. As a Summer Analyst, you will support Associates with their client projects. Our work includes making recommendations, designing implementation processes, and measuring outcomes.

Summer Analysts will participate in an introductory training programme. Training will cover key topics such as organisational change, presenting research to support decision-making, and the use of psychometric testing in coaching. 

Candidates should have a strong interest in human and organisational behaviour, and how this relates to leadership effectiveness and business performance. We work in a fast-paced environment, and you must be able to adapt quickly to change. We look for candidates who articulate themselves well verbally and in writing.


  • Conduct research and analysis to support recommendations and solution implementation for our clients
  • Help prepare reports, presentations, and infographics for internal and external use
  • Support consultants with our client projects, including fielding ad hoc client requests and keeping up with developments in client organisations and their industries
  • Contribute to our thought leadership work by assisting with research
  • Apply a core understanding of psychological and behaviour change theories, processes, and practices to support recommendations
  • Apply a core understanding of organisational consulting frameworks and practices to advise clients
  • Develop an understanding of how key industries work from a strategic and operational standpoint. Understand the day-to-day implications for leaders and their teams


  • Strong work ethic. Able to manage multiple projects withclose attention to their respective deadlines
  • High-level analytical and critical reasoning skills
  • Fast learner with respect to new knowledge, technical skills, and business acumen
  • Able to grasp, synthesise, and clearly communicate complex and nuanced information. Quick to pivot approach/content based on fresh insight
  • Strong rhetoric in writing and/or speaking, complemented by very articulate use of English (verbal and written)
  • Can work independently and take initiative
  • Can stay productive, positive, and focused on the overarching goal in periods of high uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills, with ahealthy level of self-awareness
  • Demonstrable interest in understanding people, their motivations, and their behaviours
  • Proficient in MS Office


  • In the penultimate or final year of a Bachelor’s degree or higher from a globally leading university
  • Evidence of having acted in team/leadership role (at university or other) or evidence of having acted in an entrepreneurial capacity with respect to any academic, professional, or personal choices made