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Create change
long-term impact

Work with an expert coach
Length tailored to your needs
Proven methodology



Support, challenge, and learn
together with your peers

Remote or in-person
Small group of 5-8 people



Tackle an important challenge
holding you back

6-week programmes
Ideal for busy professionals


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Create Change for Long-Term Impact

Structured coaching engagements that link career goals to your individual needs. Work with a highly-accredited coach to create important changes in your career or leadership. All our coaches have excellent academic track records, and extensive professional experience in their respective fields.

We provide executive coaching, leadership development, transition coaching, and career coaching.

Our coaching methodology is robust and agile. We build clear coaching goals with measurable outcomes, and implement fully-informed coaching plans. Our approach acknowledges the client's strengths and obstacles, as well as systems-based factors and relationships. All engagements close with development of a longer-range plan and establishment of a suitable follow-up process.

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group series

Support, Challenge, and Learn Together with Your Peers

A series of interactive sessions with professionals or leaders who face a similar career chapter. Sessions are held fortnightly or monthly, depending on the group. Each participant develops and updates an individual plan to build their capacities and track their progress. Groups are supervised by accredited coaches with experience in the relevant field or operational area.

Group Series are ideal if you want to team up or explore new approaches, theories, and tools. You can bring challenging situations to your group, as well as examine your learnings and successes. Groups are hosted in-person and remotely.

We also provide 1- and 2-day workshops as part of our Group Series offering. Our workshops provide you with tools and techniques to approach common challenges, like job search and career choice.

one-to-one programmes

Tackle an Important Challenge Holding You Back

Short and structured individual programmes. Designed specifically for busy clients who want to solve a career challenge. We analyse your situation and identify the factors influencing your outcomes.

We provide you with a strategy to achieve your desired future state. We supplement this with insight about the organisational and industrial context you face. Together, we implement a plan to achieve your professional goal. All programmes involve six consultations and follow-up support.

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Work with a highly-accredited coach to understand the key factors determining your outcomes. Develop a plan to overcome internal and external obstacles.

Online Client Platform

Track progress towards your ideal outcome, and post us updates and questions as they arise. Access supplementary resources.

Strategic Advice

Map your best route using analytical- and experience-based insight. We provide you with techniques to leverage your strengths and mitigate the impact of obstacles.

Follow-Up Support

Receive troubleshooting advice when you need it. We give you additional resources to support your onward progress.

career management

Get Advice that Cuts Through the Noise

We provide you with informed, independent insight when you need it. We help you align your choices to achieve your preferred outcomes, and to develop opportunities to carry your career and leadership goals forward.

We offer one-off consultations and ongoing support. Only available to existing or previous clients.

Please contact us for further information.

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