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Arieli & Company is a leadership consultancy and career management firm, specialising in peak performance solutions. We help organisations with Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development, and Organisational Development and Change. We also provide career management solutions for leaders, which we provide both to organisations and individual leaders who seek out our expertise.

Our client base includes leaders from a variety of sectors, including finance, publishing, tech, economic development, academia, law, architecture, FMCG, strategy consulting, art and heritage, and media.

Our mission is to help leaders create a legacy that matters to them. At the core of our organisation is a commitment to support leaders who will change the world. We focus not only on those who lead corporations, NGOs, and other influential entities, but also on those who are masters within their field or who ignite change within their professional or social communities.

We were founded in 2014, in London, UK. We are a team of business psychologists, executive coaches, and experts with track records in delivering effective HR, L&D, and organisational change and culture solutions. Learn more about the team here.

We have worked with leaders in over 20 global locations, representing 28 different professions. We predominantly serve clients in the UK, US, and Europe.

We are dedicated to excellence in what we do and partner with clients who are too.







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The seed for the foundation of Arieli & Company came from a trip taken by the founder to Freetown, Sierra Leone. At age 5 she spent a summer in a breeze-block housing community there, where an 8 year-old boy made a marriage proposition to her: I'll take you to Disney World if you agree to marry me. Several years later during her A-Levels in London, she thought back to this childhood suitor: If he had the capacity and desire to become a leader in his field, what obstacles stood in his way? This question, and finding solutions to the challenges it raised, have been preoccupations ever since.

Arieli & Company was founded in 2014 to provide career management solutions for leaders. With an initial focus on strategic career advice and career change, clients began to ask for solutions that helped them and their organisations achieve peak performance. The consultancy evolved in response to these client needs, while still retaining a thriving career management practice.

Our mission is to help leaders create a legacy that matters to them. The epitome of success for us is a client who looks back with pride on what they have achieved, who they have become, or the impact they have had. To this end, we prefer to build long-term relationships with clients, and judge our success by the value of the outcomes we help them create. Our core values are vision, integrity, and excellence.

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People not human resources

We run a private career management practice in addition to our leadership consultancy for organisations. This means we have unfiltered access to leaders' actual motivations, values, and career objectives. With a view across demographics and sectors, we witness emerging trends before they gain traction. We use this information to give our clients the advantage in the 'war on talent' and in the creation of high-performing cultures and organisations.

Increased ROI from HR processes

Our expertise lies in the application of proven methods and cutting-edge research to drive peak performance outcomes for leaders, teams, and organisations*. *With the proliferation of HR tech applications and new talent management frameworks, we help organisations cut through the noise to identify the solutions that will both enhance existing HR processes and deliver against strategic imperatives. We develop in-house solutions and integrate third-party applications where preferred.

Proven tools and methods

We are driven by cutting-edge research and proven methods. Our team is comprised of business psychologists, executive coaches, and experts with track records delivering effective HR, L&D, and organisational change and culture solutions. We use scientifically validated tools including social network analysis, advanced psychometric assessment, and measures of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation.

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