Psychological safety program at a global corporate

Mapping psychological safety across regions, functions, and management levels

With operations in over 120 countries, the company wanted a centrally administered psychological safety assessment that enabled cross-regional comparison. It needed to be able to pinpoint hotspots of high and low psychological safety, which were then to be shared to the relevant local and functional heads for discussion and the development of customized interventions.

A harmonized roadmap with localized solutions

To establish an elevated baseline for psychological safety across the company, the survey results informed leadership training overseen by the global headquarters. A roadmap for a multi-year effort, in five phases, articulated how to build buy-in, enable local customization and cascading, and drive global harmonization and communications.

Engaging toolkits to enable everyday change

Our psychological safety model and toolkit provided a foundation for accessible, engaging content. Psychological safety results were mapped to concrete behaviors and everyday situations at the company to support trackable progress. Multifaceted formats - snackable training videos, meeting checklists, train-the-trainer seminars, etc. - equipped teams to leverage local resources and preferences to best effect.

Delivering long-term impact

The C-Suite engaged in a customized training, and regional leadership teams adopted recommended practices from the program. The trainings and toolkits were widely commended for being inspirational and easy to apply. The psychological safety program became a key component and enabler of cultural evolution in three key regions. The global people cycle was updated to elevate psychological safety across the employee lifecycle. The psychological safety program continues to support the company's learning culture and business ethics agenda.


We delivered results across 5 learning modalities: live training, webinars, factsheets, checklists, and presentation decks.


Length of the behavior change.


We delivered live training to over 2,200 leaders across the globe.

Excellent trainings on psychological safety - lots of clear, tangible and pragmatic pieces of advice.

Thank you for being a partner we can count on.

Legal Director, Training Participant

Global Chief People Officer