High-flyers don't do cookie-cutter

High-flyers are renowned for their ability to constantly improve. They go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results - at work and in their personal investments to become stronger leaders. This changes the equation. It means that high-flyer leadership programs must be personalized, engaging, and closely aligned with business needs.

Deliver dynamic and context-specific leadership programs. Equip your high-flyers with personalized strategies to unlock their maximum potential. Prepare leaders for new, senior roles and responsibilities. Increase the engagement and retention of your stars.

EXECUtiVE leadership programs

Deliver highly personalized and engaging content to your executives. Elevate cross-functional and interregional best-practice sharing and collaboration. Raise the bar on the leadership capabilities your organization needs to grow.


Leaders from underrepresented groups can face unique barriers that impact career and leadership advancement. We provide leaders with the practical knowledge, skills, and strategies to overcome these barriers. Deliver an inspirational program to your senior women leaders.


Equip leaders with the knowledge and skills to address DE&I challenges, whether becoming better allies, building an inclusive organizational culture, or speaking about diversity-related topics to external audiences. Enrich your leadership culture with a program that supports the integration of DE&I into your business.

Amplify the power of connection at your organization

Bridge the gap between potential and performance

Raise the bar on team success across your business


Providing high-impact and quality training is table stakes in today’s market. What continues to bring us back to our partnership with Arieli & Company, is their unwavering commitment to providing sustainable, innovative, and research-driven solutions. Very few partners will roll up their sleeves, jump in the trenches, and partner together to develop something even greater than first anticipated. This differentiation is why our partnership remains so strong.


Magic happens when leaders know the gap they need to close

Provide your leaders with an accurate view on how they benchmark to their program peers and the wider organizational leadership.

Highlight individual opportunities and partner to develop growth journeys that accelerate their career advancement and deepen their leadership impact.

High-quality, user-led, and actionable content

Applied content improves performance. Give your executives concrete examples related to the organization, with customized strategies and tools for their specific context.

Topics range from critical thinking and scenario planning, to crisis management and stakeholder influence. Content is customized to fit business needs and individual requirements.

Unfailing partnership from sharp executive coaches

Senior leaders deserve to partner with coaches who understand their context and can co-develop plans that deliver tangible impact.

Our executive coaches have impeccable training and track records with senior leadership. Get access to a team with unmatched coaching tools and frameworks, high-value international networks, and a wealth of expertise in leading change journeys with transformational leaders and executives at large, complex organizations.

Immersive experiences to stress test and develop new leadership capabilities

Real-time observation and practice are critical to develop leadership capabilities. Our leadership programs offer a variety of immersive experiences.

Formats include Action Learning modules where leaders observe advanced soft skills in action, and Challenge Labs to stress test and embed leadership capabilities required for new or difficult challenges.

Unlock the power of connectedness

Research proves that organizations with well-connected leaders and experts are better at innovation, growing new business and markets, and recovering from negative shocks.

A leading focus in our leadership programs is amplifying the power of the cohort. Our programs improve connections between leaders with personalized introductions, small group experiences based on functional expertise or divergent thinking, and an active program alumni community.

Minimize time outside the business, maximize value-add for its leadership

In-person and remote program options. Program content and formats are tailored to reflect your organizational values and strategic priorities. Further customization is informed by the the profile of the specific cohort and its participants.

Make it easy for senior leaders to participate from different timezones with multiple options for group formats, and easy online appointment scheduling for 1:1s.

Achieve critical HR and talent goals

Provide a program that is customized to your organization, personalized for participants, and optimized throughout delivery to achieve agreed success metrics.

Aggregated and anonymized data is analyzed by experts in behavioral capabilities to provide rich insights for enhanced performance, engagement, and succession planning and pipeline development at your organization.

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Multi-year global women's leadership program for Fortune500

The Fortune500 consumer packaged goods company wanted to launch its own women's leadership program. The company was dedicated to equality of opportunity but had a comparatively low number of women in senior leadership positions. Management faced increasing scrutiny about its commitment to gender equality. Seeing a potential crisis on the horizon, management made investment in women leadership a key priority.

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