Quantify everything that matters

We specialize in decoding hidden opportunities. We map hidden skills, mindsets, and ways of working in your organization. We help you capitalize on opportunities for growth.


SibylTM powers our results

SibylTM is the proprietary data analytics tool we use to identify levers for change. It decodes mindsets. It quantifies hard-to-assess skills and behaviors. It maps hidden opportunities to organizational outcomes.

Benchmark your leadership capabilities. Identify the drivers of legacy mindsets. Map microcultures. Model stakeholder dynamics.

Behavior experts work with SibylTM to discover all leading opportunities for systems change.

Built from the ground up by experts

From project inception through to delivery, experts are involved. Get proven strategies and tools that are customized for your specific organization and opportunities. Experience efficient, engaging solutions that deliver better results.

Compared to the market, our solutions provide higher measurement accuracy, closer mapping to organizational outcomes, and more impact and sustainability in leadership and culture solutions.

Everything complex adaptive systems

A complex adaptive system (CAS) is a system with different parts that interact and influence each other, changing the overall system's health and performance. Examples include the human body, organizations, geopolitical events, and climate systems.  

The CAS approach equips you to locate levers for systems change. It allows you to predict how stakeholders and events will influence each other and their broader context. It means you can locate root causes to drive transformational results.

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