The collective mindset of your leadership shapes your organization's future

Everyday, your organization's trajectory is shaped by the mindset and ways of working of its leaders. Their ability to lead - to inspire, direct, and develop others - permeates the organization.

From setting strategy to overseeing execution, from engaging teams to responding to crises. The sum of your leaders’ soft skills, behaviors, mindsets, and ways of working chart a course for your organization. The caliber of decision-making and stakeholder management inform how well the business can maximize value from all its asset classes.

Organizations require unique stacks of leadership strengths, depending on their growth stage and specific in/external opportunities. A deficit in leadership capabilities will frustrate your organization's ambitions. Make sure you have the leadership talent where and when needed to power your growth plans.


Map the types, quality, and quantity of leadership capabilities at your organization. Benchmark outside of your organization to discover leadership edges. Get detailed breakdowns to inform your leadership strategy and succession planning. Learn what strategies will drive the best results for your organization.


Benchmark your leadership development strategy, initiatives, and curriculum. Customize strategies to improve your leadership talent pipeline and build new leadership strengths. Make sure leaders get what they need to grow throughout their employee lifecycle and in moments that matter. Fully support your organization's ambitions.

Strengthen your leadership capabilities model

Enhance your leadership development strategy

Develop leadership talent pipelines to meet upcoming needs


Your level of insight into our senior leaders - and their evident level of trust in you - is impressive. You get our culture. I think you've correctly identified our gaps, and somehow it now seems really obvious.

Global People VP, Consumer Packaged Goods

Understand the collective mindset shaping your organization's future

Your leadership strengths put your organization on a trajectory. Everyday, the way your leadership operates, communicates, and makes decisions informs where it is going and how quickly. Make sure the trajectory you're on aligns with where you want to go.

Quantify and map your organization’s leadership strengths, from soft skills and behaviors to mindsets and ways of working. Clarify the impact this has on your organization, today and tomorrow.

Unbeatable teams don't happen by chance

Leadership is a team of teams. Maximum performance is a result of having the right team strengths for your ambitions. It's amplified by having capabilities that can navigate your specific context and challenges.

To be unbeatable, you need to be intentional about the strengths on your bench. Pinpoint and cultivate the leadership strengths that will make the biggest difference to your results.

Bridge disconnects between potential and performance

Leverage the leadership capabilities audit with external benchmarking to identify critical gaps. Focus on the skills and behaviors that make a transformative difference for your organization.

Uncover hidden strengths with layered leadership assessments. Implement targeted capability-building programs that close the gap between potential and performance.

Fine-tune your leadership engine

Uncover direct connections between specific leadership capabilities and the results you’re getting. Use the insights to elevate your leadership system, including recruitment, L&D, performance management, rewards, succession planning, and retention and engagement.

Develop an articulated toolkit to embed the leadership culture and strengths you want, including your leadership capabilities model and operating principles.

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case study

Upgrading the leadership engine for a $50bn+ revenue business

The multinational consumer packaged goods conglomerate had transitioned to a new CEO. There was impetus to evaluate leadership capabilities to ensure leadership was ready to drive the next chapter of growth. Technological knowledge and hard-to-assess, emerging skills were high on the agenda. The company requested that we conduct a gap analysis of their leadership capabilities. It also wanted to update its leadership capability model and global leadership development strategy.

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