When the right choice is everything

We ensure that your succession planning delivers business continuity and growth. Quantify everything that matters.

To succeed as a business, succession planning needs to deliver business continuity and growth. When the stakes are high, quantify everything that matters to make the right choice for your people.

Secure the leaders your business needs

SibylTM quantifies "softer" skills and hidden strengths that have a definitive impact on your business' performance. It measures potential and performance within the executive leadership team, across functional teams, and in the external context. It informs the development of a strong talent pipeline through the predictable and unprecedented.

Future-proof your plans


We provide you with clear, reliable data on the strengths you know matter for your business' performance.

Retain star talent in the pipeline

We help you keep highly valued internal talent in your pipeline, that understands how to drive results for your business.

Risk reduction

We make sure you have the right person in the right role at the right time.

Competitive edge

We help you to attract and select executive talent that will deliver against strategic business goals.

As ever, your insight is so valuable, thank you. You put data and science to key skills and aptitudes that we know we need our executives to have to be what [our company] is and can be.

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We work with leaders across industries and geographies

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